Top 10 Black Friday Deals for 2016

Top 10 Black Friday Deals for 2016

Every Black Friday, there are some deals that offer consumers the best quality items for the best savings. These are the things that you want to make sure end up on your list because you just can’t get the same deal any other time of the year.

The biggest upcoming deals for 2014 start with electronics. Cell phones will be a huge hit as gifts or for personal use and the new iPhone 6 is at the top of the list. There are always new smart phones being released and people can’t wait to upgrade.

Television sets can range from low level cost to thousands of dollars. But you can find bargain deals from name brands on Black Friday in 2014. Several of these name brands offer some good deals for the end of the year.

First up is Toshiba with their L7400 Series. The 55L7400U 55 inch Smart LED TV has a fast refresh rate, smart function with a multi-screen that allows consumers to customize the setup. Plus, Toshiba usually offers free tech support for up to a month after the purchase.

Next, the Samsung line has good quality in their H series. The ones you want to look for on sale this year are their H5500, H6350, H6400, H7150 and the H8000. The HU9000 is expected to be the biggest seller.

With laptop deals, you can expect some more of what consumers saw in 2013 in great quality from Apple. You want to be the first to catch deals on the Apple MacBook Air.

This model has a fourth generation processor, a 12 hour battery, 4GB RAM and 128 GB. The other Apple laptop Black Friday deal to watch for is the Apple MacBook Pro – since this latest version can be costly during the rest of the year. If you beat the rush for this one, you can save a bundle on Black Friday.

Tablets will also be available for Black Friday. The top contender in this category is the Apple iPad Air – probably because it’s fast, durable and gives a lot of features for the price.

But following closely on the heels of the Air is the Google Nexus. If you’re looking for an Android gaming tablet, you want to grab the Black Friday deal on the Nvidia Shield Tablet.

Next up are gaming consoles. Besides televisions, laptops and iPhones, these items are always hot sellers and you can get some good deals if you get them on time.

One of the ones that’s touted to be the biggest deal this season is the Playstation 4. It’s the number one bestselling console. It has features like the SHAREfactory app, 500 GB of memory and it allows users to share their best game moments with online players in real time.

Toys, especially the most popular ones, are going to sell out like hotcakes and the top contender this year for Black Friday is the My First Disney Princess Frozen Snow Glow Elsa Singing Doll.

In fact, all of the Frozen toys will be selling out whenever supplies are low, so make sure if you see any Black Friday deals on these, you snap them up if you have a fan on your gift list, because you don’t want to have to pay top dollar after they’re all gone.

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