Amazon announces even more Black Friday Deals extending through December 22nd

Amazon announces even more Black Friday Deals extending through December 22nd

Amazon isn’t just starting Black Friday early this season, it’s extending it far beyond Thanksgiving weekend until December 22nd. The company claims that you’ll be able to “find new deals as often as every five minutes” on Amazon’s website for the next 35 days until the holidays.

To that end, Amazon store has released some of the deals and discounts it intends to offer during this apparently endless cycle of commercial consumption. All the sales will be offered at some point between now and December 22nd, with many of the deals coming in what Amazon is calling the “Turkey 5” — the five days from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday — although no exact scheduling or timing has been announced yet.

Most of the announced deals so far are primarily focused on Amazon hardware products, with a couple other sales also having been announced. But if you want to make sure you’re catching the best deals when they happen, you’ll want to check Amazon’s Black Friday hub page frequently. That said, here’s the best from Amazon so far:

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[Deal Alert] Arlo home security camera 4-pack is $350 ($150 off) at Amazon

[Deal Alert] Arlo home security camera 4-pack is $350 ($150 off) at Amazon

Security cameras can get fairly expensive, and ‘smart’ cameras that connect to online services and mobile apps even more so. Arlo is Netgear’s brand of smart security cameras, and right now you can get a bundle of four Arlo cameras and the base station for $350.

That may still seem expensive, even at $150 off the original asking price of $500. But the price-per-camera comes down to about $87.50, whereas a single camera kit (with the base station) normally costs $179.99. That’s a pretty substantial value, if you’re willing to spring for the larger bundle.

As you might imagine from us posting the deal here, you can monitor and control the cameras from the official Android application linked below. If you are interested, head on over to Amazon to buy it.



Nice looking little cameras and they have a bit of weight to them. They aren’t heavy by any means but feel like quality little units. they can sit on any flat surface or you may use the supplied magnetic mounts to install on a wall. they also have a tripod type adapter on the bottom which may open up some additional mounting possibilities.

Video quality
There are three options for video quality:

High quality (reduced battery life)
Balanced (compromise of image & battery life)
Best life (reduced image quality)

we used the suggested balance mode and found the image quality to be comparable to my old non-HD wired system and a bit lower in quality than my old Alert cameras. we changed the mode to high quality and the image improved to be comparable to the Alert cameras. For our  purposes the balanced mode is fine. we’ve attached some pictures of my patio to compare the two.

Night vision
The cameras automatically switch to night vision mode when it gets dark. we found the image to be clear and sharp. we attached an image of my garage so you can see the clarity. This was taken during the day with only a small amount of light coming in through the door to the garage.

[Deal Alert] Logitech Harmony Ultimate is $140 on Amazon ($143 off)

[Deal Alert] Logitech Harmony Ultimate is $140 on Amazon ($143 off)


Well, what do we have here? Amazon has an absolutely fantastic deal on the Logitech Harmony Ultimate, a “universal remote” extraordinaire. When all of those remotes for all of your devices start multiplying, one of these comes in real handy. Tempted yet?

The Harmony Ultimate usually costs $283 on Amazon, so the sale price of $140 is a pretty substantial markdown. It comes with backlit keys, a touchscreen, an Android app, and Alexa integration. Very customizable, it can control up to 15 devices (even ones in cabinets) and works with over 270,000. So, you have plenty of options with this thing. Oh, it’s eligible for Prime, too.

What I find awesome about this deal is that the price of the new model is $100 less than the manufacturer refurbished one. Kind of funny when that happens.

Get it here:

Hot Deal Alert! Amazon Echo for $140!

Hot Deal Alert: In honor of Alexa’s 2nd birthday, there are some super-hot deals going on for the Amazon Echo!

Snag it for $140.39 from Amazon. Plus shipping is free!

This is the absolute best price we have seen yet for these handy little devices. The Amazon Echo received 4.4/5 stars based on almost 45,000 reviews on the Amazon website.

Echo is cloud-based so it is constantly updating and learning new skills. It can stream music, answer questions, read to you, give you weather and sports updates, and even control Smart lights and switches. Plus Echo users can get exclusive deals by ordering items with their voice. Amazon already said they’re going to extend those Echo-exclusive deals into Black Friday, so if you’re interested in those, now is the time to purchase!

Thanks for Visiting and Happy Shopping!

Skip the $100 fee and get free Amazon Prime through Black Friday

Skip the $100 fee and get free Amazon Prime through Black Friday

If you’ve been holding off on your free Amazon Prime trial, we think now’s the time to strike.

Amazon Prime, the best and most famous discount subscription on the internet, and really the service that made Amazon what it is today, gets you a whole bunch of benefits that go far beyond free two-day shipping. There’s special access to prime-only shows and movies on Amazon Instant Video. There’s Prime Reading for free books, audiobooks, and magazines. There’s Prime Music for… music. Not to mention early access to Amazon Lightning Deals, and unlimited photo storage in Amazon’s cloud.

The problem with all this “free” stuff is that the Prime subscription costs $99 a year. The only truly free Prime benefits are the ones you get from Amazon’s 30-day Prime free trial. But you only get one per account. Ever.

Now’s the optimal time to kick off 30 days of Prime. The next month will see the coming of another Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and all the Prime-only deals therein; Thanksgiving, and all the last-minute roasting pans or pilgrim decorations you need; the bulk of your holiday shopping, best accomplished from the comfort of your own home; and the release of highly anticipated shows and movies on Amazon Instant Video, like The Grand Tour.

Basically, November’s going to be a banner month. Might as well enjoy the perks for free. And hey, if you’re looking for gift ideas, Prime itself makes a pretty good one.

Amazon’s Alexa + Bose bundle is back

Amazon’s putting all of its cards on smart home with the new 2nd. gen Echo Dot—a voice-enabled speaker that bears a striking resemblance to a hockey puck. All you’ll have to do is say the magic word. No, it’s not open sesame. Abracadabra? Let’s be real.

Echo Dot (2nd Gen.)Buy now for $49.99

The magic word’s Alexa.

That’s right. You can dim your kitchen lights if you’re feeling dramatic, set your bedroom temperature to a balmy 70 degrees, switch on your sprinkler system to keep those pesky kids off your lawn, and more with Amazon’s digital assistant. And now, it’s better than ever.

If you’re looking to branch into the smart home world, grab one of the new 2nd Gen. Echo Dots today. Or, consider one of the bundles that offer a Bose speaker or a smart plug to really bring your home into the future. The best bundle, in our opinion, is the Echo Dot and ecobee3 Smart Thermostat. The thermostat, as a standalone product, retails at $249, so you’d be getting a free Echo Dot in this particular package.

If you’d like to put a Dot in each of your main room, you can purchase five and get a sixth for free with the promo code DOT6PACK. Or, buy 10 and get two for free with the code DOT12PACK. Just use the code at checkout for your complimentary Dots.

Top Black Friday deals on Amazon right now

Top Black Friday deals

As most of our attention turns to idle thoughts of gorging ourselves on good food and good company, Amazon’s looking ahead and has already started its Black Friday sales. There’ll be plenty of products—both good and bad–on sale every day, but we’re here to leverage our expertise and highlight the best deals that will matter the most to you.

To make sure you get the most out of your Amazon holiday shopping, you should consider signing up for a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime. That’ll be plenty of time to take advantage of the free two-day shipping and keep your holiday shopping stress-free.

With new deals popping up every day, throughout each day, we’ll constantly be updating this article with our latest finds. Be sure to check back often!

Highlighted Deals

Home Entertainment

Laptops, Tablets, & Accessories

Smartphones and Accessories

Kitchen Gadgets and Accessories

Cameras, Lenses, and Accessories

Personal Audio

More Home & Outdoors

Expired Deals

[Deal Alert] Get an extra $5 Amazon gift card when you buy Alexa-exclusive deals

[Deal Alert] Get an extra $5 Amazon gift card when you buy Alexa-exclusive deals

Do you have an Alexa-enabled device sitting around the house? You might have a new reason to talk to it (and maybe not toss it out when Google Home arrives). Amazon is promoting its Alexa deals by tossing an extra $5 gift card at you. The deals themselves are pretty good too.


You can find out what deals are available by asking your Echo (or other Alexa device) “What are your deals?” You can also just go to this web page and see the full list. Only Alexa can give you the stated discounts, though. Most relevant to your interests is the Fossil Q Founder, which is available for around $160, plus you get the $5 gift card. That’s an appropriate amount of money to spend on a Wear device right now.

The gift card deal is valid through November 18th, and only for the first 25,000 units. I’m not sure how many people are shopping with Alexa, but you might as well get in early.

Amazon gift card

Amazon Announces Black Friday countdown sales

Amazon Announces Black Friday countdown sales is gearing up for holiday shopping as it announces the countdown to its Black Friday deals store, according to Business Wire new deals will be added to the site every five minutes from now until December 22, in addition each day will offer up to 20 deals of the day like 20$ off a kindle paperwhite and up to 40% off some toys business wire also reports amazon prime members will receive even more perks if they order using the virtual assistant Alexa the membership will allow users another twenty percent off pre-order and new release video games.

Here are the highlights of the sale so far today — but it looks like Amazon is following its usual habit of limiting supply and switching up the deals and availability daily, so you’ll probably need to check back on the regular.

Amazon paves the way to Black Friday with Kindle deals

Amazon paves the way to Black Friday with Kindle deals

We’ve scoured the web to find you the best deals on good products. 

Black Friday is fast approaching and Amazon’s already started releasing new deals every day in a countdown to the big day. Starting things off are savings on the reliable Kindle E-readers. Now, if you’ve held out on getting a Kindle for this long, it’s probably going to take a lot to convince you to go digital. Trust me, I get it. I’m a huge fan of good ol’ paper copies for my books as well. Nothing quite beats the feel of turning a page or the smell of a new—or old!—book.

But, have you stopped to think what it really means to have hundreds of books on hand and thousands more ready to go as long as you get in WiFi range? What about the convenience of picking up where you left off via your phone if you accidentally left your Kindle at home. You can even lay down in bed and read comfortably. Madness!

Even an old guard like myself can hear the siren call of a Kindle like Odysseus tied to the mast of his ship. The only difference is, I don’t have anyone to stop me from going online and buying one. Wait, what’s that? I already did? It’s already shipped and will be here in 2 days? Excellent.

Black Friday