Online Black Friday Deals for 2016

Online Black Friday Deals for 2016

Every year, there are many bargains to be found for consumers around the holidays. Some of these special discounts can only be found online. Because there are always so many online ads springing up every time Black Friday rolls around, you have to learn how to separate the real deals from the ones that only look like good deals, but actually aren’t.

There will also be doorbusters – even with online sales – and you want to make sure you take advantage of these, since they’re based on a first come, first served basis and the supply does run out.

There will be a ton of digital cameras on sale as manufacturers compete for that share of the consumer spending – especially in light of how so many cell phones now have such good quality cameras built in.

In 2013, the Nikon Coolpix S800c was on sale from almost $350 down to just under $130 for Black Friday. So look for the newest models of everything you want, but don’t overlook last year’s models, too.

You want to do this because in some cases, last year’s models of various products can still offer good features and in some cases, even better features. For example, the majority of consumers prefer the older version of Windows on laptops over the newest version.

Computer monitors will be among the Black Friday deals – particularly the LCD monitors. You can find good deals on many of the top brand ones like Dell’s S2340M LED screen or their UltraSharp U2412M 24 inch model.

But don’t overlook some of the lesser known brands, because you can find good deals and still get a good monitor on those, too. For example, take the Asus monitor. You can usually find the 24 inch one for about $100 off the original price.

Blu-Ray players will also be featured in Black Friday deals. The Sony Smart wi-fi should be about 30% off what it normally sells for. Shop by brand, price point, or bundles because many will come with a slew of free blu-ray DVDs.

Video games for entertainment consoles will be out for Black Friday and many of these routinely sell for twice their sale price. If you can, you’ll want to watch for video game bundles.

Last year, you could get an Xbox 360 game bundle that had games like Halo 4 bundled together with three other games marked down from over $250 to less than $190.

Music items are going to be pretty hot deals for Black Friday 2014. You can find the latest version of the iPod Touch on sale along with the older versions, like the Nano and the Shuffle.

Don’t forget to look for savings on the iTunes gift cards. You can get sometimes get these as gift incentives for buying other products. So they’re not marked down, per se, but they come free if you buy something else!

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