The official BLACK FRIDAY 2016 is in Ten days

The official BLACK FRIDAY 2015 is in Ten days
In just ten days from today is the day after Thanksgiving, also known as Black Friday.

Black Friday 2015 is exactly ten days from today. November 27 is the day after Thanksgiving Day, which has been the day when historically Black Friday sales events have taken place. Black Friday shoppers know that this has changed dramatically over the past years with the proliferation of online shopping.

Retailers have totally messed with the Thanksgiving Holidays. Essentially Thanksgiving Day has become Black Friday for in-store sales. The online Black Friday sales are anyway already available from the beginning of November. The deals top out during the Thanksgiving week, followed by an encore of Cyber Monday and Cyber week sales.

The big issue Black Friday shoppers have to wrap their head around is if they hit stores on Thanksgiving Day to hunt down door buster deals. Looking at the Black Friday 2014 store opening hours schedule, it shows that stores opened as early as 6am on Thanksgiving Day for Black Friday sales.

Most of the big stores opened late afternoon. Best Buy and ToysRUs beat Walmart by opening at 5pm. Walmart, Target, Macy’s, Kohl’s and Sears opened at 6pm.

The actual Black Friday after Thanksgiving has lost its importance for in-store sales. Only a handful stores have stuck to a strict actual Black Friday store opening schedule.

In the coming weeks retailers will reveal their plans for Black Friday 2015. The Black Friday store opening hours are likely to creep forward again. We expect major Black Friday stores including Walmart to open earlier in the afternoon of Thanksgiving Day. There will be outcry in the media about how Black Friday is destroying Thanksgiving Day. Consumers are though free to decide between a relaxed Thanksgiving Turkey dinner or scramble for Black Friday doorbuster deals in stores.

I4U News has recommended for years to focus on Black Friday online sales. There is a whole month to score Black Friday deals online. The bulk of the deals is offered during the Thanksgiving week, but there are also plenty of deals to catch before that. We have seen many deals in the past that only appeared in the Pre-Black Friday sales.

The first Black Friday 2015 deal predictions are already in. I4U News predicts a $59 32-inch TV Black Friday deal this year

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