[Deal Alert] Arlo home security camera 4-pack is $350 ($150 off) at Amazon

[Deal Alert] Arlo home security camera 4-pack is $350 ($150 off) at Amazon

Security cameras can get fairly expensive, and ‘smart’ cameras that connect to online services and mobile apps even more so. Arlo is Netgear’s brand of smart security cameras, and right now you can get a bundle of four Arlo cameras and the base station for $350.

That may still seem expensive, even at $150 off the original asking price of $500. But the price-per-camera comes down to about $87.50, whereas a single camera kit (with the base station) normally costs $179.99. That’s a pretty substantial value, if you’re willing to spring for the larger bundle.

As you might imagine from us posting the deal here, you can monitor and control the cameras from the official Android application linked below. If you are interested, head on over to Amazon to buy it.



Nice looking little cameras and they have a bit of weight to them. They aren’t heavy by any means but feel like quality little units. they can sit on any flat surface or you may use the supplied magnetic mounts to install on a wall. they also have a tripod type adapter on the bottom which may open up some additional mounting possibilities.

Video quality
There are three options for video quality:

High quality (reduced battery life)
Balanced (compromise of image & battery life)
Best life (reduced image quality)

we used the suggested balance mode and found the image quality to be comparable to my old non-HD wired system and a bit lower in quality than my old Alert cameras. we changed the mode to high quality and the image improved to be comparable to the Alert cameras. For our  purposes the balanced mode is fine. we’ve attached some pictures of my patio to compare the two.

Night vision
The cameras automatically switch to night vision mode when it gets dark. we found the image to be clear and sharp. we attached an image of my garage so you can see the clarity. This was taken during the day with only a small amount of light coming in through the door to the garage.

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