Black Friday Xbox Deals for 2016

Black Friday Xbox Deals for 2016

Whenever a new entertainment console releases, it’s always pretty expensive. This is why a lot of consumers wait patiently for those Black Friday sales – because consoles typically release just before the Christmas season.

Black Friday Xbox deals for 2014 are going to be everywhere, with different stores offering different perks. The Xbox One will be featured prominently. This is so much more than a gaming console.

It’s an all in one entertainment center that offers hours of fun for kids and adults alike. The console can allow you to play all of your favorite Xbox games, watch television, stream movies, play music and much more.

The Xbox One now has a better matching system for playing with other online gamers. Using their system, the Xbox filters out people that act like jerks based on the low rating given those players by other players. No more trolls to deal with!

While the filtering is taking place and you’re waiting to be connected to an online gamer, you can do other things with the console. You can switch back and forth between games apps.

For this console, Xbox made their privacy settings tighter so that you can control what kind of personal information is shared and who it’s shared with. What comes with the new Xbox is the power supply cord, one controller, a chat headset and the HDMI cable.

The Xbox 360, which had a great sale on Black Friday last year, will also go on sale this year – so if you want that model, it would be a good time to pick it up. That model comes with one controller as well and it has 4GB of space.

You can store plenty on the hard drive – games, movies, music, and even pictures. It also has Xbox Live, which means you can play online with other gamers.

Along with these consoles, you want to pick up the accessories that always go on sale on Black Friday. These go fast, so get yours first. What’s rumored to be the popular sale items this year include Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Halo 5: Guardians and Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor.

If you’ll look, some brand new Xbox games are releasing in October, which slots them for sale in November. You might find bundles or free offers for some of the new releases with your Black Friday Xbox deal in 2014.

Don’t forget to pick up extra headsets. These vary in price from $20 to over $100. The headsets for Xbox consoles often go on sale during Black Friday. Last year, the Turtle Beach brand of headsets sold fast.

Look for the Turtle Beach Ear Force XO Four High Performance Xbox One headset this year. Also look for the Xbox One Wireless Controller. These should go on sale on Black Friday, too. This controller is an upgrade from the 360, but the design is similar. The updated controller has more responsive buttons and better grips.

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