Black Friday iPad Deals for 2016

Black Friday iPad Deals for 2016

Apple products remain one of the top selling electronic devices and they always sell out quickly during the holidays. The usual Black Friday iPad deals for 2014 will be similar to previous years, with older versions heavily discounted and limited quantities of newer versions being discounted.

Year after year, iPad updates with new features, so you get the same style and design – but with more goodies. The four iPads that have been updated and always end up in Black Friday deals every year are the iPad Air with retina display, the iPad with retina display, the iPad mini with a cool retina display and the iPad mini.

There are some features that all of these iPads have in common. Each of them has an incredibly long battery life. You can usually use the device for 9 to 10 hours before you have to charge it again. The devices are Bluetooth enabled.

There are two camera options both on the front and the back of the device. The front camera does have Face Detection enabled. The iPads can record video in 1080p High Definition.

Another plus that consumers loved in conjunction with the sale was that the iPads come with Siri so you can speak and have the device find answers for you, which is helpful for when your hands are busy with other tasks.

They all have built-in speakers and microphones. The iPads come with Facetime ability. This means that you can video call someone else if they have Facetime, too.

It can work with other devices as well. For example, if you have Facetime on your iPad mini and someone else has it on a different device, then you can still connect.

What sets these devices apart is that each of them has different processor chips. The iPad mini is fast, but it’s not as fast as the other models. The storage space is also different.

The iPad mini can only hold 16 GBs of pictures or videos or email or other media, while the iPad Air, the newest model, can hold up to 128 GB of space. The iPad mini and iPad with retina display come with iOS 7, but the iPad mini with retina display and the iPad Air come with iOS 8.

The iOS is well known as a very good operating system. It’s one of the reasons that the products are always in such demand. With iOS 8 being the newest operating system, you’ll want this for faster performance and the newest features. So when you see the iOS 8 system on the iPad for sale on Black Friday, make sure you don’t let that deal get away from you.

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