Black Friday Cell Phone Deals for 2016

Black Friday Cell Phone Deals for 2014

A cell phone is so much more than a cell phone today. It’s not just a way to stay
connected. You can do almost everything on a cell phone that you can do on a tablet, laptop or desktop.

Plus, you get lots of great extras – like games and apps that can help make your life easier, more organized and more fun. So let’s look at what might be in the Black Friday cell phone deals for 2014.

Some iPhone 5s were on sale for great prices during last year’s sales. Some of them were offered for less than $200. Other models of the iPhone 5 were even less than that, depending on if the consumer agreed to have a contract.

You could find some for under $100. On top of those good deals, some stores also offered extras like free shipping, discounts on accessories to go along with the iPhones and even free or discounted gift cards.

The newest batch of cell phones are going to take the holiday season by storm because they’re offering more technology and they’re more consumer friendly than ever before.

The iPhone 5c is going to be a huge seller this year despite the fact that the iPhone 6 hits the market in 2014. Whenever a new product releases, the older version of it always goes on sale – but you get an even greater sale price when Black Friday hits.

So if you’re looking for an upgrade, that’s when you want to do it. Besides the Apple products dominating some of the Black Friday deals, other brands are going to corner their fair share of this consumer buying holiday.

Samsung is a forerunner with their Galaxy series. You can get great deals on some of their older models and still get a quality phone. Their older S3 and S4 models will go on sale at the same time that you can pick up a deal on their latest S5 version.

Not only that, but their Galaxy Note 4 will hit the market and there will be solid Black Friday deals on this phone. Google’s Nexus 5 phone was a big seller in 2013 and there were plenty of deals on it.

Consumers are watching and waiting for the release of the upcoming Google Nexus 6 and the deals that they’ll get on it when Black Friday rolls around. Motorola had some good deals on their Moto X and Moto G versions, but what consumers are watching for is the Motorola X + 1 version that should be released before Black Friday.

When this version does release, expect big savings on the previous versions. Other models to keep an eye out for are Samsung’s Galaxy Alpha and the LG Optimus. If you want a cell phone for under $100, you’ll want to look at the deals offered on the Nokia Lumia cell phones, too.

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