Black Friday 2016 Tips

Black Friday 2016 Tips

If you’re going to have a successful shopping endeavor this year, you have to have a strategy in place, so it’s important to learn some Black Friday 2016 tips. You will be one of millions of people also trying to get the same item at the same time.

This goes for both online as well as offline shopping. For both online and offline shopping, you want to make sure that you have the latest Black Friday apps on your phone.

This shows you where the sales are being offered and when they’re being offered. Some stores start their Black Friday the minute the clock is past midnight – right after Thanksgiving is over, while other places start at 5 in the morning.

You want to coordinate your times to take advantage of doorbusters and online first sales offers. These are specials that are offered to the first set amount of people that shop and the window closes after a preset time.

Do all of your midnight sales first – including the online ones – and then go after the early bird ones in the morning when doors open at 5 AM. Look in advance for extras.

For example, some places will give you a $20 or more discount on top of the Black Friday sales price if you buy a certain dollar amount worth of products. Some places also have extras that work the same if you buy a certain dollar amount of gift cards.

For example, you can spend $85 to buy a gift card and get a $100 face value gift card instead, which nets you $15. Have a budget set – because it can be too easy to blow money due to the deals you encounter.

Plus, you’ll also be tired and hungry and studies have shown that when people are tired or hungry, their buying inhibitions are lowered. Look to see if you can get the offline deal for the same price online.

If you can, then you can eliminate the time, effort and the hassle of standing in line at some stores. If you’re going to buy a large item such as an appliance or a big screen television, some stores add extra for delivering the item to your home if you don’t take it yourself.

That extra charge could end up making the money you save in the sale not much, if any at all. For items that you know you’ll have to have delivered, look online instead because these will be delivered right to your front door and many online shops do offer free shipping for Black Friday.

Before you order online or set food out of your house, have a list written out of your first, second and third choice items. Because what happens is some consumers arrive to get the item they want, only to find it’s no longer there.

So they end up leaving the store and missing out on a second good deal even though it may not be the exact same brand. Being flexible like this will make you feel like you still got what you wanted, even if it wasn’t the first on your list.

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