Black Friday 2016 Countdown

Black Friday 2016 Countdown

Sometimes, procrastinating isn’t such a bad thing if it gives you some time to relax. With a Black Friday 2016 countdown, procrastination isn’t something you want to do.

There are many great deals available on that day, but a lot of these deals have first come, first serve limitations and you don’t want to miss out on getting the items that you’re looking for.

You need to plan months ahead so that you can implement a strategy. What you want to do is to write down each of the items that you plan to buy and the person that the item is going to be gifted to – even if it’s something for yourself.

Then divide those items into categories. You can hand write it all or use some kind of spreadsheet program and print it out. But what you want to have is categories divided by how the gift fits.

For example, you might have one category titled “stocking stuffers.” This is a good place for gift cards of all kinds to go. It’s also the category where you can put smaller items such as jewelry, socks, and little trinkets.

You’ll want a category listed for electronics. This is where you’ll write out laptops, tablets, cell phones, cameras, electronic reading devices, video games and consoles, GPS devices, televisions and DVD players.

But there’s something important to keep in mind about this category. Because electronic items tend to be the most expensive, when they do go on sale on Black Friday, these are the items that will go the fastest.

So you want to grab these first before you go after the items in your other categories. After electronics, the fastest selling category is toys. The hottest toys are always in very high demand and sometimes the demand exceeds supply.

So you want to get the toys at the same time or right after the electronics. Categories can be divided by entertainment such as books and CDs or by kitchen items such as blenders, juicers, espresso machines and more.

Collectibles should have a category of their own. These might be items such as the Willow Tree figurines that are so popular. While collectibles make great gifts, you don’t have to worry about them selling out as quickly.

Big items such as furniture or outdoor things like tents (or things for outdoor sports like basketball hoops) are usually a fairly safe bet fr availability if you pick those up after you finish shopping for the other items.

A category for clothes can sometimes be kind of iffy because if it’s a popular item, then it’s going to sell out fast. So if you know a jacket is in high demand, move that up on your list.

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