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Apple iPhone X Unboxing

Apple iPhone X Unboxing welcome to the unboxing hey what’s up guys I’m Kip EHD here and this is the one we’ve been waiting for this is the one I told you to skip iPhone 8 for this is the one that represents the future of Apple smartphones this is iPhone 10 and while it […]

The new MacBook Pro 2016 — Design, Performance and Features

  With an incredibly thin new design, the best Mac display ever, all-new speakers, and the revolutionary Touch Bar for instant access to the tools you want when you want them, the new MacBook Pro marks a milestone in the evolution of the notebook. The new MacBook Pro combines the fundamental qualities of an ultraportable […]

New MacBook Pro 2016 Preview – Apple’s New Laptop!

New MacBook Pro 2016 Preview – Apple’s New Laptop! The new Macbook Pro 2016 are coming, the ones I’m most interested in are the MacBook pro so this is a preview based on the information that gathered, now I think most of it to be quite accurate, I can’t guarantee any of it but let’s […]

Black Friday